The best sunscreen for any skin type.

The effects of Summer on your skin;

Each and every skin has it’s own needs, and these vary according to seasons.

Summer usually makes our skin much more oily, this is due to the excess pressure caused by heat.

Another common consequence of sunny days is premature ageing as a result of UV Ray exposure.

You may wonder, how should I take care of my skin during the summer?

We asked 100 people how they take care of their skin during hot days; and results were surprising 80% of people confirmed they don’t take as much care of their skin during summer as much as they do during other seasons.

One of the main excuses were “My skin feels heavy, I don’t want to make it feel worse”.

We’re here to help you with this issue.

One of the reasons your skin feels heavy on summer is due to sweating, and for this reason you may feel like putting extra products may cause breakouts (which we definitely don’t want).
A common mistake is applying Sunscreen which is not design for facial use, but instead for body. These usually have a thick consistency, formulated with a high concentration on oil,leaving your skin to feel clogged and eventually causing breakouts.

We all know using sunscreen is MANDATORY at any age and season, but specially during Summer where you get exposed to sun rays more frequently.

Exposure to sun rays can not only make your skin age prematurely, but may results in unwanted consequences such as skin cancer due to cell mutation.

S+ summecosmetics is famously known for it’s popular Sensitive skin Waterbased SPF 50+ sunscreen.
Sounds like a long name right? But let’s call this product the “Miracle Worker”.

This sunscreen is completely free of any oils and extremely hydrating, leaving your skin to feel nourished and dry to touch, as if you had nothing on it. All of these benefits with the highest level of sun damage protection!
What else could you wish for ?

As it it weren’t enough, S+ summecosmetics UK offers a broad range of summesun products for your whole body!

Browse through their collection here:

Available for you in just a few clicks.
There is no better way to take care of your skin.

We hope you have enjoyed this blog and hope to see you soon on our next one!
S+ Summecosmetics UK

The best sunscreen for any skin type summecosmetics summesun
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