With MESO LAB SYSTEM the technology of electroporation has a transcutaneous application, with unprecedented efficacy in professional aesthetic treatments, in a totally painless way and in synergy with biophotonic therapy.
The introduction of active ingredients avoiding the need to inject them


A complex technique that comes from molecular and genomic biology laboratories, consists in the introduction of active ingredients in the skin through the application of high voltage electrical impulses, obtaining the temporary opening of pores in the lipid bilayer of cell membranes and channels in the intercellular spaces. Thus, the introduction of the trans-cellular and intercellular heritage through the epidermis is produced. This mechanism has the particularity of being reversible and transitory in such a way that after a short period of time the skin returns to its initial state.


The bifotonica technique is a new non-invasive therapeutic alternative that has revolutionized the treatment of various conditions and pathologies. It consists in the conversion of the light energy of the visible light spectrum, into chemical and physical reactions that induce obvious changes in the client’s skin. Depending on its wavelength it will act on some molecules or others in a totally selective way (chromophores), thus being able to perform the desired treatment.


The main chromophore is cytochrome c oxidase, a protein whose stimulation accelerates cellular metabolism. With its application we activate the restoration of the dermal matrix through the activation / metabolic acceleration of fibroblasts. Furthermore, collagen fibers are regenerated, stimulating superficial microcirculation with anti-inflammatory effects.
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