Adhesive body patches that protect the area treated with dermal micropunctures, isolating it from friction and from contact with contaminating external agents. Help the damaged area to heal more quickly. Waterproof, they allow daily showering without losing their adhesion.


  • Type of Packaging:PROTECTIVE PATCHES
  • Treatment area:BODY PATCHES


    Adhesive body patches that protect the area treated with dermal micropunctures.

Apply the adhesive part to dry skin, pressing from the centre towards the edges of the patch.
• Dermal Protection.
• Cellular recovery.
Cocktails of preselected active ingredients in extraordinary synergistic combinations due to their high levels of dermal response. They act intensely “in teams”, focusing on specific facial and body alterations of the skin tissue, improving visible skin results.
Versatile solutions that allow beauty professionals to expand, complete and capitalise their usual salon beauty routines with the application of effective and safe treatments through the use of the most advanced technical equipment.
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